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  • Sky launches operations in Central America, closing the year with 33 thousand subscribers in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.
  • Cablestar acquires the majority of the assets of Bestel. Cablestar is owned 70% by Empresas Cablevision, in which Televisa owns a 51% stake; 15% by Televisión Internacional; and 15% by Cablemás. (Press Release)
  • Televisa acquires 99.9% of the shares of Editorial Atlántida, the leading magazine publishing company in Argentina. (Press Release)
  • The Ministry of Communications and Transportation granted Televisa's subsidiary Empresas Cablevisión a concession to offer fixed telephony services through its network. Cablevision began offering triple play services the next year. (Press Release)


  • Televisa changes its Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) ratio from 1 GDR per 20 Certificados de Participación Ordinarios (CPOs) to 1 GDR per 5 CPOs, a 1:4 GDR split. This ratio change was effective for holders of record on February 27, 2006. The effective date for the ratio change was March 22, 2006. (Press Release)
  • Televisa acquire a 50% interest in Televisión Internacional, a cable television company with a license to operate in the city of Monterrey and other areas in northern Mexico.


  • The government of Spain granted a concession for a free-to-air television channel to the consortium formed by Televisa and Grupo Audiovisual de Medios de Producción ("GAMP"). Televisa holds a 40% participation interest in the consortium, and GAMP holds a 60% interest. (Press Release)
  • Televisa and EMI, the world's largest independent music company combine their respective strengths in music, distribution and media to enter into a major new partnership, forming a new joint venture record company in Mexico (Televisa EMI Music), and Televisa's participation in EMI's US Latin operations. (Press Release)


  • Televisa and Hispanic Publishing Group (HPG) reach a strategic alliance allowing Editorial Televisa to include in its portfolio its first two English-written magazines for Hispanics in the US: Hispanic Magazine, with a 280,000 circulation, and Hispanic Trends, with a 75,000 circulation. (Press Release)
  • Sky Mexico began operations in late 1996, and by 2004 had more than 940,000 subscribers, annual sales of approximately $4.2 billion pesos and EBITDA of approximately $1.4 billion pesos. On April 1, 2004, Televisa began consolidating Sky Mexico in its financial statements. Also during 2004, DirecTV ceased operations in Mexico and in an effort to provide an alternative, DirecTV sold its subscriber list to Sky Mexico. (Press Release)
  • Radiópolis, Televisa's radio subsidiary, signs an agreement with Radiorama affiliating 41 stations (22 AM and 19 FM) to its network and reaching a total of 71 stations. Radiópolis news, entertainment, sports and music content, in combination with its brands, reached at this moment 90% of the country. (Press Release)
  • Televisa realizes a series of transactions to concentrate all equity ownership in the Company at the Televisa level. The initiatives fall into three categories: i) Televisa Share Recapitalization, ii) Televicentro Capital Reduction, and iii) Trust Agreement. (Press Release)
  • Televisa's Board of Directors approves a Dividend Policy under which the Company will pay an annual regular dividend of MXP$0.35 per CPO. (Press Release)


  • Televisa and Corporación Interamericana de Entretenimiento (CIE), the leading live entertainment company in Latin America, Spain and the Latin U.S. market, form a strategic alliance under which Televisa acquires 40% of OCESA Entretenimiento, a newly formed subsidiary of CIE. (Press Release)
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Investor Relations