Our Company Code of Best Practices Televisa

The Committee of Best Corporate Practices was established as an initiative of the Mexican Business Council. This committee issued the Code of Best Corporate Practices (the Code), establishing recommendations for improving the corporate governance of Mexican companies.

The Code's recommendations define principles that contribute the improvement of board duties and the fair disclosure of information to shareholders. In particular, the recommendations seek:

(i) Companies disclose information regarding administrative composition and performance of corporate boards and committees;

(ii) Companies adopt mechanisms to provide sufficient financial information;

(iii) The existence of procedures that promote participation and communication among board members; and

(iv) The existence of procedures that provide adequate disclosure to shareholders.

Companies that trade on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) must comply with the Code. Since 2001, Grupo Televisa has publicly reported, on an annual basis, the degree of its compliance with the Code.

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Code of Best Corporate Practices